KG Organizing

KG Organizing's residential and commercial services aim to assist households and businesses with moving and home organization services for personal spaces such as homes and offices.

We don’t just re-invent your space; we empower you with the tools to stay organized after we’re gone. We cater directly to your preference and desires, and establish a structure and system that works for you.

How we can help you

Operating within the Edmonton, Spruce Grove, Sherwood Park, St. Albert and surrounding areas.

Home Organization Services

KG Organizing works with you to design functional living spaces that bring peace and joy back into your life. With your help, we tackle problem areas, single rooms, or your entire home.

From the kitchen to the basement, we make the best use of your space by creating organized, calming environments that you won’t want to leave without the need for stressful renovations.


Small spaces have big potential


Everyday staples within reach


A calming place to recharge


Rethinking together time


A place for everything

Laundry rooms

Say goodbye to lost socks


It’s all about storage, cars, and work


Increased productivity in style and comfort


Creating something for everyone


New surroundings with a fresh outlook

Ready to get started?

Our team offers free consultations for individuals or businesses who are seeking to see what is possible.

Meet our inspired team of organizers

KG Organizing is a cooperative effort of the professional organizers, Giselle Hernández and Karen Coté.

Et Voilà!

Giselle Hernández

Karen Coté

Free consultation

If you're in need of furthering optimizing your turn key procedures, our team can evaluate your options and give you a professional recommendation before getting started.

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