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From kitchens to pantries to offices and more, KG Organizing specializes in cultivating functional organized spaces in homes and businesses.

Where it all started

KG Organizing helps people reclaim their personal space by re-organizing areas of their home. We work with you to design functional living spaces that bring peace and joy to your life. We don’t just re-invent your space; we empower you with the tools to stay organized after we’re gone.

We tackle problem areas, single rooms, or your entire home. From the kitchen to the basement, we create organized, calming environments that you won’t want to leave. You don’t need to undergo stressful renovations to make the best use of your space.


Every homemaker covets a space to store frequently used or rarely used items, in the kitchen and other common areas. We love creating spaces that serve long-term storage goals as well as day-to-day needs. A well-designed pantry space can provide an at-a-glance visual when accessing day-to-day items and planning for long-term needs.




Big things can come in small packages and even a small closet space can be transformed to accommodate items that might not seem to fit. You don’t need expensive closet organizers to strategically store your wardrobe and related garb. We can either revamp multiple closet spaces or show you how to replicate our efforts.


While you may not spend a lot of time here, your bedroom is the one room of your home where you go for respite and rejuvenation. We can create a place where you look forward to winding down or launching your days from, giving you the energy to tackle each new day.



Play room

Your little ones need a place of their own. Sometimes it’s hard to look past the disarray and prioritize their needs. We can create a fun and safe haven for your precious ones with a practical layout that will serve both of your needs and still make it a place that they won’t want to leave.


This can be a scary place! It can also be an impressive storage area with the potential to free up space in the home for more practical organizational needs. When done right, organizing your garage can store seasonal and less-used possessions in addition to giving your vehicles a safe place to park.



Laundry room

One of the easiest ways to make a menial task more enjoyable is to create a dedicated workspace where everyone can have a common place to contribute to the task. Many hands make light work and having a dedicated space makes this adage come to life, ideally with minimal loss to the sock population.


Whether your office is in your home or in a leased space, your productivity is directly impacted by your workspace. We work with you to restore workload balance and create the most productive and kinesthetic footprint to make your workday more constructive.




Often a neglected space, your basement boasts the most potential for shared space in your home. We can bring new life to this space for long-term family use or create functional storage areas until you decide how you want to live there. Basement makeovers can contribute to your equity and daily peace of mind.


Moving can be stressful, especially when you take into account all the peripheral activities that ensue: packing, organizing, downsizing, moving, unpacking, more organizing. One of the best things a homeowner can do for themselves is hire someone to remove the stress so they can focus on other things.




Sometimes you need a space to look lived in when no one is. And sometimes you just need a trained set of eyes to create a living space that is both functional and comfortable. An experienced designer with a keen eye for style can turn any space into a living oasis that appeals to any home dweller.

Your organized space awaits.

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