Shifting spaces

Reimagine what is possible with your home.

Reimagine your home

Sometimes, life dictates how we use our living spaces. When you find yourself in the position of transitioning from one life stage to another, KG Organizing can help transform your space by reworking the layout and function of a room.

Perhaps you’re welcoming someone new into your home (i.e. baby, parent) and you need to accommodate a new set of personal belongings. Or maybe people are moving out and you need to downsize. Whatever the circumstance, we work with you to re-evaluate the best use of your space and make it work for everyone.

We create beautiful living spaces that are as functional as they are inviting, working with you to de-clutter, re-use existing pieces, and walk you through new asset purchases (furniture, artwork, accessories), creating an environment that best suits your lifestyle at whatever stage you’re in.

Your organized space awaits.

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